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Why Japanese top sales 20 billion yen movie is
"Sen & Chihiro Kamikakushi" ?
Grobal Market needs Universal Maketing concept.
Just means New Business will succeed, or not,
depends on your market data is reliable, or not.
made in Harmony place, too many personal identities.

In "Sen & Chihiro Kamikakushi" there are many kinds of charactors
(we call "uncountable number of Gods or holy spirits in nature")
that blend each other peacefully through 5000 years.
So the Japanese are poor at chosing "Yes or No", "Gilty or Not ","Black or White",etc.
under no absolute god and absolute law .
(yes, we have the law and keep them. it's imposible to determinate )

Notorious for "cheep communicator" in the world, but the reason are not known
probably you could never belive, becaous the Japanese mass communications
gave us(not only consumers but also industrialist ) wrong information
"the Japanese one color cocept ".

From 1945(after 2nd World war) through 1990(end of Bable economy
the collapse of Japan's gbubble economyh) the Japanese economy had developed
by mass market system/mass sale, mass production,
with huge sum of advertising costs.

The Japanes in not one color!
With convenient idea from the Japanes mass communication,
the Japanese government and companies wants to belived
the end of thier system, mass market,
mass product, mass sale, mass communication
Yes, just comfortable and easy sale without budget of real marketing research.


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ACase Study